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When I left high school in England, I went straight into hairdressing and was lucky enough to secure a place in a John Pride Salon.

John was nationally renowned as a stylist and teacher.I served all my training years in England with John Pride and passed out with honours.


After training I took some time out and travelled abroad and broadened my horizons in foreign places.

This taught me a lot about different people and cultures.


When I eventually arrived in Austin I wanted to continue in hairdressing and was very fortunate to meet and work for award winning Austin stylist, Lisa Brooks.


This experience included fashion shows, magazine work and weddings.

I have learned a lot from all of my teachers but am still finding things to learn.

Striving to get better and having the opportunity to learn, is what keeps me in this business.

My goal is to make sure that my clients are as happy as I am.



Shine on 41st

1005 West 41st #100

Austin Tx



 512 659 3319       

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